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Pair: Remus Lupin x Reader ————————— The invitation card sat in front of me, on top of my dark wooden desk. One of my old school friends invited me to his wedding, and I was really considering not going. I mean, I stopped talking to everyone a week before my last year at Hogwarts ended.

Sirius Black x Fem!Reader x Remus Lupin Born with the ability to watch over Sirius and Remus, you manage to capture the attention of the two troublesome Marauders. And as neither backs down without a fight, the long, staggering race for a claim at your heart puts their unlikely friendship to the test.
Timorous (Remus L. x Reader) Description: Remus is feeling insecure about his scars and you cheer him up. Straight up fluff. Warnings: None. Okay one more thing, no I did not steal this, it's just my dumb ass accidently deleted my last tumblr. don't ask.
Misleading // Young!Remus Lupin x Reader. Just fixed up an old piece and decided to post it before I release Just like ice part 3! This wasn't requested, I just started writing it a while ago, sometime last year. Summary: You and Remus attempt getting back at the other marauders. Simply put, it backfires ;)
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Singed Memories Remus Lupin x Reader Summary: Harry finds a photo of Remus and a mysterious girl. He finds that the girl's name is (Y/N), she was dead. Harry, letting his curiosity get the better of him, asks Remus for the whole story. Prompt: can you do a remus x reader where harry finds photos of young remus with an unknown girl (the reader) and he tells the story of how she dies. i was ...
Nov 26, 2018 · Remus rolled his eyes and gave you a slice of toast, “Okay, you got me. I do like it when you wear my stuff, partially because you’re so tiny.”. You jump up onto the counter and began to eat your toast. You shake your head and smile, “You’re lucky i love you Lupin.”. Remus laughed and ate his toast. The kitchen became silent for a ...
remus lupin x reader; warnings; none? word count; 466 - - - From the very beginning, Remus had been far from a friend, which is what made it so hard to believe that he was sitting opposite you now, at The Three Broomsticks, sliding you over a butterbeer with a faint blush on his cheeks.
Scared of the moonlight (Remus Lupin x Reader x Sirius Black) Author's note: Heya there! So I literally ripped my heart of my chest writing this. Words: 1282 Warning: Angst, the gif is not mine, it belongs to it's owner/ creator , not Wolfstar. You can find my masterlist here and my ask box is open!!. Originally posted by canyoudancelikeahufflepuff
Jul 22, 2021 · Download weasleys x reader weasley x muggle reader Weasleys-x-reader Download 9 hours ago — Funny Weasley Scene #37 | "Mooooorning". In Deathly Hallows part one, Harry and Ginny are sharing a momen..
Birthday Surprise (Remus Lupin x Reader) Hello! Since it's Remus' birthday, I was wondering if you could do a young Remus and reader, where the reader throws him a party and gives him a surprise just...
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Fanfiction Romance Remus Lupin James Potter Sirius Black Peter Pettigrew ... Remus Remus X Reader Remus Lupin X Reader Marauders Lily Evans Hogwarts Marauders Era Luna Hunter was a pretty normal witch, except for the fact that she has special powers.